more than 4 wheels

You are large group and ...

... travel with your own bus to Berlin. 

Where may I meet you to start our sightseeing tour?

... travel by train or plane. 

May I assist you with renting a coach?

4 wheels

You travel by twos or threes, 

without or with kith and kin and ...

... would like to go on a customised tour. 

Indeed this can be arranged and

made available as well.

2 wheels

You take it literally ...

... and want to steer clear of "wheels within wheels".

Let me accompany you throughout Berlin

and surroundings on a bicycle.

without wheels

You prefer going into detail ...

... follow me "per Pedes" 

to selected sites you are interested in.

in trainers

You want to be sporty on top of it ...

... come on a "Sight-Jogging-Tour"

with me

and discover scenic parks 

and hidden nooks and crannies.